Remember that time we were attacked by those bees? I didn't get scared and cry...
Remember that time down at the Sanpitch when the tornado, I mean 'microburst' almost got us?

Do you remember when you were small and innocent?
Sometimes I forget.
And it makes me sad.
I grew up, too fast.
What happened to the care free summers, the late night night-games, huntin in the west hills,
fishing the sanpitch, rafting the river during spring run off, having food breaks when were supposed to be moving sprinkler pipe, skiing walker's run and the post, our walks home after church where we talked about life....

Those memories have all passed. I feel I have also.
I feel left behind, like i missed something. the only problem is that i don't know what i missed.
I feel missed. I feel alone. I feel lost. I feel needed.
I feel human.

Where is the man who was loved as a child?
See him there plowing the field,
He was once young,
He labors in the fields all day,
Returning at night to rest and start the work again in the morn'.
He dreams of being young and loved.
Dawn comes and he is grown.

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