For the music of the Earth.
 For our life so freely giv'n. 
For the wonder of each hour, 
Hill and vale and tree and flow'r, 
Of the day and of the night; 
Sun and moon, and stars of light.
-Interpretation from For The Beauty of The Earth 
by Follieot S. Peirpont

View from inside the coolest Bungalow on the West Coast
Thanks Again Sally :)

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Antique Photograph Found in an Attic 
Van Dyke Brown 

Must have been an important Cherokee woman...

Two Leafs,
Way out on a distant branch.
Just chillin' together.
Ain't no thang.

A dedication post to two of the most influential people of my lifetime thus far.
To the two most honest, genuine, and remarkable folks I've had the privilege of spending time
in their midst. 
Their example and impact will forever play an instrumental part in my life. 
My love goes out to my sweet angelic Grandmother,
and to my heroic, stalwart Grandpa. 

I shall forever be indebted to your selflessness and all your silent prayers.
I have very big shoes to fill.

"Don't pray for a light load, Pray for a strong back."
-Wayne Paul Russon
35mm/created in darkroom

the magical pomegrante

How perfect it was to see you.
Your countenance just beamed with joy.
I loved being around your warming soul.
Your uplifting spirit brightened my day.
It felt as though you really cared.

I do hope I see you again.