Hides in the Cave-Man.
What a Brave Man.
Walked in the Frame Man.
What a shame Man.

During a summer rainstorm, I had all my attention focused on capturing the lightning. 
My timing kept being just a little bit off, I happened to look behind me and see the most beautiful rays of sunshine behind the clouds. 
I quickly turned away from the dark storm and lightning, and focused my camera on this bright, inspiring sight. 

The lesson to be learned is that sometimes we too often are focused on " the most important things",
when right behind us there often lies a greater or more meaningful beauty.

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Wells Fargo Exiting Wholesale Lending

Some of the worst news of the year came to Brokers today as Wells Fargo Lending has pulled the trigger and will no longer be offering a wholesale avenue to Brokers.

This comes as big news to the financial market and will cause some big changes for brokers in the future. Wells Fargo is not the first of big bank lenders to officially cut the cord from wholesale lending as Bank of America, MetLife, and Citi Bank have done the same.

One might ask, will there be such a thing as "wholesale lending" in the future or will the banks become even more greedy (is that even possible)?

Here is Wells Fargo's official document explaining this change:

If you have a loan with Wells, don't worry. The cheaper avenue of Broker wholesale-ing is just slowly dying. Hurry and refi before tomorrow. Contact your nearest Wells Broker now.

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The Moth Man will be returning...

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I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of my bestest friend's wedding. 
Jen's a Cali (more specifically a Valley Girl), and she was married on Saturday in San Diego. The day started out at the San Diego Temple. 
 We then headed to La Jolla Beach. 
After a hectic spurt at the beach we had a few hours break and then ended the night at her parent's house overlooking Lake Elsinore. 
 A very, very beautiful day and I couldn't be any more happy for Jen and her husband Jesse.

 I just can't wait to see the little kiddos!!!