"Some may say I'm a dreamer. 
But I'm not the only one."
- John Lennon

I firmly believe in the now. 
Think about it for a second or two. 
The now.
Right now.
The second at hand. 
The current moment you're experiencing.
Is it still going?
Are you still living that "moment"?

The now is a continual movement but can only be experienced in the moment. 
 The past was the now. The future will be the now. 
Until that future moment, right now is then.
The moment you are experiencing can only be lived once.
Never again will you feel the same things, see the same exact things,
be the exact same age, think the exact same thoughts...
If you are reading this, you are living something very special. 
You have been given a gift.
A privilege called life. 
And it's all in your control. 
You can become the the person in your dreams. 
Have the things you've always wanted.
Your dreams are achievable. 
Success and happiness are both at your fingertips.
The question is if you are ready and determined enough to reach out and grab it. 
The reach is the scary part. 
But YOU are in the NOW, 
And if you don't reach for your dreams NOW,

Now is the time. This is the place. You are the person. 

Be not afraid, for although the road may seem treacherous and seemingly impossible,
Just atop the highest peak lies the greatest reward. 

Burn, Baby, Burn

Got something to say punk?
Well do ya?