Pre-twenty fourth. XMASINJULY™

Sunset through the brush
Compliments of the 54' Jeep



Damn Model

KKK Katies B.Y.


Fountain Green 
Main Street and 100 West
Juanita's Mexican Restaurant 
Bomb Enchiladas

Fairview Sunset

Ricks' Horse



Caught her right out of the sky! 
Pretty little thing.

A Plus
Natural Formation

In the Sanptich River


Beautiful Meadow

Bird in the Sky

Water Hole

Log Off

Father that Stepped In

What can I say about this man...
I'd be guilty if I told the truth.
Sadly enough.

In his house you were under his roof,
eating his food,
obeying his rules,
doing what he wanted.
Unbeknownst to the spawn.
The rules were simple,
Do as he says and no one,
gets hurt. 

I assumed the role,
that position.
I knew no better.
I had no other "father".
God, no.

Divorce is near. 

In a previous life he killed me. 
Strange maybe.
Depends on who you are. 

Realization of abuse.
Can't we just have a truce. 
I'd hide in my room.
I was safe in there.
I'd close my eyes and someone inside my eyelids would always care.
My inside. 
Much time in there. 
Please don't stare. 

Maybe that's why I'm blind. 
I'll see again. 
You'll see. 
And I'll see you.
I won't be sad anymore. 
Sadness is sad.

Forgiveness is a selfless act.

The Decemberists LIVE in SLC!

All I can say,
Taking words from about a hundred other fans around me is,

 "fucking outstanding".

The Decemberists played last night for the Twilight Series here in Salt Lake City at the infamous Pioneer Park. Overlook from the Mormon prophets apartment. Stating this I was not prepared for the experience I had. I investigated the band (multiple Youtube searches hours before the concert) and was not entirely impressed. The reality of what Pioneer Park experienced could not have been farther from the truth.
The band blew my ear canals socks off! Truly amazing talent and performance. I have never heard anything so magnificent.
One song which gave my ears an orgasm (which I can't remember or find the name of) was a tune that started with the female member of the band banging on the drums, a hard steady beat which got the crowd jumping and later in the song led into her solo that made my jaw drop. Her tone and voice control was perfect and she nailed every high and low note she sang. The sound that came from her mouth was simply beautiful. If only I could find out the name of that song...

All in all, the concert was fulfilling. Hipsters were in full swing, drugs were in full use, alcohol was in plain sight, love was in the air (and on the ground...), music was hypnotizing, it was nothing short of amazing.
I stepped into the park and felt like I had left Utah entirely. It was like I had traveled into a new world. Salt Lake City you opened my eyes. Visit STG, and rub off on her close-minded ways. She needs to be penetrated by your free-loving spirit. Cum fast.

 (Their music made me horny what can I say.)

pictures soon to cum...

 Pictures :) 


Da Bright Lights



True Luv


Can Coffee be abused?
Actually I know the answer, yes.
I was not delivered unto this world in defeat,
nor does failure course in my veins. I am not a
sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I
am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with the sheep.
I will hear not those who weep and complain,
for their disease is contagious. 
Let them join the sheep. 
The slaughterhouse of failure is not
my destiny.
I will persist until I succeed.
I will win.



How Now Brown Cow

SuperSonic Cheeseburger


Pigeons, Love, X

25 Main
Cupcakes 4 $2

Stairway to Heaven



KREW 101


Dear Grandpa. 
You're getting too old. I don't want you to die.
I want you there to help me grow up. 
I want you by my side. Teaching me.
Just like you taught me to stomp on ants.
Like you taught me how to see the world. 
Like you taught me the Tom Tinker song shoveling coal in the furnace.
Like you taught me to work.
Like you taught me to not pray for a light load,
pray for a strong back.
I pray you live along side me,
even after you leave. 
You are my hero, my father. 
May you find your eternal happiness after the now.