I am addicted.
To many things,
Too many things.
Some things that I am addicted to I am proud to say that I am, most things I am not.
My newest addiction would be blogging. Two posts within a ten minute span, I'm already on a roll.
Another new addiction would be this girl. I think she fell from heaven but that's just my theory. So far it has been correct. The sweetest, softest voice matches beautiful sky blue eyes... A gaze into her eyes make me forget about everything, except her. And it's such a foreign and new feeling. She makes me feel. I learn to feel and to enjoy the small things in life when i am with her. my addiction is obvious. one sweet addiction. i'm thinking she deserves her own post. An undeserving tribute to such a deserving woman. However, my thoughts and feelings only grace the pages of an unknown blog. maybe these posts affect the future. with this current addiction i sure hope it does.
Other addictions aren't so easy to write about. Things kept locked inside of me, things that i haven't dared trust with anyone. i wont go into now but slowly im hoping to open up so i can learn to live, while living and learning. its just going to take time.

Its rare for me to care,
its rare for me to stare,
In you walked,
my eyes stalked
such a beautiful thing,
then you started to sing.
i want to say love,
there were doves...
but im just crazy,
youd be the only one
most definitely maybe...
youd be the only one.

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