Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, there was a great revolution...

A revolution of new ideas, art, technological advances, and human behavior.
A revolution that took it's shape and relatively speaking, morphed quite fast.
Many people a part of the revolution, didn't even know the revolution was occurring; or that they were a part of something that would have such a tremendous effect.

People were becoming more and more absorbed into this modern cultural revolutionary trend.
It was all about the newest release. The next, most advanced 'thing'. Eye's started looking away from reality, and into a surreality. It was a beautiful and timeless place. Full of knowledge, wisdom, powerful imagery, and, even God could be found there.

 But other things also lurked in this vast, alternate existence, whose intentions were not good. Evil, darkness, horrific, and ghastly places also were in permanent attendance. Now this place was neither specifically too good, and neither specifically too bad.

This place was very dependent on where the people involved in this Change chose to guide themselves. What this person sought out would be found.

This revolution was a tool providing direction. A human could virtually be anywhere at anytime.

It was magical.

However, people lost focus of what was real. They confused things in that surreal world with the tangible world they lived in. Many lost sight of reality. Eyes became fixed on these 'things'. They tuned out. They they stopped looking at the world's beauty. The appreciation for their reality was a thought never thunk. They had accepted an alternate reality.

And that's when some of these people started to wake up. Some were realizing that where they had been spending all of their time was indeed, not real. They began to re-experience the reality. They began to recognize the existence they were living on this Earth! They looked around and saw the Sky! Filled with Clouds, and Birds, and Air, And the Sun, And the Moon! They saw the Mountains with their snow-capped peaks! The rivers flowing from their stern ridges into the lush valleys. Trees were everywhere! Plants, Rocks, living Animals, Bugs, Fish, People! These things were everywhere too! These things were beautiful too! They were all so different, yet so similar! It was so much more overpowering and fulfilling than that external surreality they had left.

They had fallen in love with important, meaningful things! And they wanted to share it with others.
Who wouldn't want to share such a beautiful and amazing thing with someone who meant something to them?

So that's what they did! They tried waking up the others. Sharing, teaching, giving, loving.

And that's right where WE come in. Conforme Belle. WE are part of a new force helping to move people's focus to the beautiful and meaningful things of reality. Away from the mirage of the surreal depth.

WE are trying to point people in need in the right direction and it begins with the "self".

WE are helping to redirect focus. Towards more important things.

Opening the eyes to real beauty. We are helping people to live in the Now. Experience Life.

We are Conforme Belle.

WE want to inspire ideas, to motivate change, 
and ultimately, initiate creation. 

Join Us.

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