Father that Stepped In

What can I say about this man...
I'd be guilty if I told the truth.
Sadly enough.

In his house you were under his roof,
eating his food,
obeying his rules,
doing what he wanted.
Unbeknownst to the spawn.
The rules were simple,
Do as he says and no one,
gets hurt. 

I assumed the role,
that position.
I knew no better.
I had no other "father".
God, no.

Divorce is near. 

In a previous life he killed me. 
Strange maybe.
Depends on who you are. 

Realization of abuse.
Can't we just have a truce. 
I'd hide in my room.
I was safe in there.
I'd close my eyes and someone inside my eyelids would always care.
My inside. 
Much time in there. 
Please don't stare. 

Maybe that's why I'm blind. 
I'll see again. 
You'll see. 
And I'll see you.
I won't be sad anymore. 
Sadness is sad.

Forgiveness is a selfless act.

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