Feeling a bit abstract.  
Remember, seek beauty at all times. It can be found in the most unconventional of places. One might ask, “Is toilet paper beautiful?”, or “Is a piece of hair beautiful?”.   
And the question would be, it’s up to you. 
It’s personal.  

And it may not be that object that is beautiful, maybe more so the story that the photograph as a whole is telling. I think that’s where the beauty is at. It’s not a single flower. It’s the flower that started as a seed and has pushed it’s way up through the Earth into the Sunlight and is soaking up water, and starting to bloom! It’s the story of that flower that is beautiful.  The struggle, the existence, the love, the pureness, the joy… That’s where you can find beauty.   

Challenge yourself to seek beauty in peculiar places.  
Ready, Set, GO! 

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