Barn Jumpin'
A bro so sick,
be clearin' that fish.
No guppies in this bowl,
Drop in from dat lip,
20 foot gap,
Nose bonin',
dark slidin,
Christ-airin' that lip.
Onto the next trick.
Double back flip?
360 gainer?
I don't think I've ever been saner.
They be tellin' me to control that behavior,
Step in line and accept that imminent danger,
But I'm not about to listen to some nobody stranger.
I won't bow down,
to some shiny crown.
I won't be tried for livin' a free life. 
We're born free,
to be free. 

No guppies in here, 
We be needin' our air.
Watch me break free from this mind control,
And not be led and thrown into a human disposal.

Wake up people.
It's time to think for yourselves. 

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