Note: This is the first public release of this work entitled 
"O Death, Fear". There exists only one real print of this in the World. Sizing in at a whopping 48"x62". This piece is highly desired and is made to make people stop and re-think Life. 

"The emotions that can be found in the piece will change your Life forever.

Think about it for a minute.
For some reason you chose to come here.
Out of all the events and happenings of this day,
You chose to visit this website.
You chose to read these words.
Is it Destiny? Is it Fate? Or is it just mere coincidence?

I am about to share with you something very special that exists in the world today.
It is called the Now.
This exact moment when you read these words is this Now I speak of.
The moments you spend looking at the artwork are all part of this Now.
It is the encounter when nothing else matters.
Only You and that thought/experience you are having.

Bills, life’s problems, a past death of a friend or loved one,
Schoolwork, the weather, turmoil, struggles, heartache,
Suicidal thoughts…. Love. Puppies, a beautiful sunset, Mother’s or a Father’s kisses,
The cool breeze of Spring, the warm touch of Summer,
A selfless, charitable act…
What you see and feel here will stay with you forever.
And by here, I mean Now.

The only question now is if the Now is forever?
O Death, Fear.
             Things to ponder while looking at this piece; Life, Love, Death, Heaven, Hell, Purity, the Now, and 3.

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