Everyone walks by and doesn't notice.
It's me here. I'm something.
I grow tall and lean into the path... To be seen.
I feel all alone, like I don't belong.
One day a big gust of wind blew me into a turmoil.
It almost blew my roots completely out of the ground.
It was then in that moment I was able to see behind me. 
I saw all the other weeds.
They were creating a barrier to help protect me from the treacherous wind.
To help save a lost weed who was trying too hard to be noticed. 
One who had forgotten who he was. 
 I am a weed. 
I was being watched the whole time I was growing. 
They saved me. 




Forgotten Awards


Crook and TP

Face Away

Gold and Yellow

Snow in the Spikes

Looking up to the SNOW. 
It is truly magical. 
Giant fluffy snowflakes falling to the earth. It is almost if everything is in slow motion. 
I've never really took the time to just watch them fall from the sky. Beautiful.

Black Angel-A

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