Do Not Enter.
Well in that case...

Front Room 
Great place for a recliner and coffee table.
Slightly weathered and destroyed would go perfect with the decor. 

Insert Lamp Here

Wonderful Views of the City.
The broken glass is just an extra aesthetic.

This is where Billy used to sleep. 
He jumped out the window. 

Kitchen Area
The Light through the blinds is amazing at sunrise. 
Really big seller of the house.
I'd eat chicken and waffles here every morning if I wasn't tied down to a 500k mortgage. 

Oh, the bathroom! My favorite.
This is surely one of kind in all of the neighborhood.
Wood toilet paper dispenser.
Colorful bowl and seat. The past owners had a thing for this part of the house.

Don't mind the roofing. 
It just pushes right back in.

The yard is magnificent. 
No power at the moment,
but we can have that on before you can say "Deal".

Not a part of the house but beautiful if I knew anything. 

How about you sign right here?

This wonderful house is for sale now! And will go fast! Be the first to come by and check it out. We just know you won't be disappointed.
All of it can be yours for around $2,500,000,000. 
The view is mainly what the cost is for. 
Don't delay!
Electricity is not included. 
But this dead raccoon is.
Dewormed and all. 

Call for more details. 

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