What has happened...

It was just yesterday I walked down the streets of my old town.
Me and my pup, at the river we went down.
Seeking an adventure, enjoying life.
He passed, lost his life.
I didnt feel the pain.
Left for a time, he waited by the wayside day in and day out for me.

I left behind many things.
Not thinking. Thinking about what was to come,
 I have a hard time enjoying things in the now,
My mind is always running, rushing to the what's next.
Thought after thought all in the future. The present passes by me like a dream.
Sometimes I feel as though this is a dream. I wake up at night half-asleep wondering what is actually real.
Feelings from a close friend made it seem real for a time.
Shes in France now.  commez t'alle vous?

Elle ese bonne belle. Oui oui...

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