It's Friday morning.
Facebook Friday as some would call it.
The start of the weekend, and the final weekend before all my friends and I depart for the Summer.
The end of the semester has come and the 5K clan is heading in different directions. Summer security sales, Wyoming hometowns, Invisi-shield mall kiosks.... and me nothing. At least I haven't decided yet. I'm indecisive and a procrastinator so waiting until the last minute to decide is what I excel at doing. I wouldn't call it skill but I have quite the finesse of doing so, often. This Summer brings unlimited options for what I could do but with so many choices my indecisiveness affects my choosing greatly. Oregon comes to mind, California... Sanpete County, my hometown and where my family is at. I could go spend it there but I feel that would be step back in my progression of life....
Its early this morning and my thoughts are so jumbled this half-post failed of an attempt at blogging probably makes no sense at all (live and learn). I'm running on a few hours sleep and its time to refresh some more. A shower would be excellent right now. Warm steamy water, the smell of shampoo and conditioner invigorating the nostrils, the splash of the water droplets against your skin... I love em. In fact I'll stop writing about them and go take one. A new weekend, more time to live, and learn.


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